Month: August 2023

How the CameraForensics integration empowers users with greater insight

August 23, 2023


How the CameraForensics integration empowers users with greater insight

By Matt Burns, Founder at CameraForensics

Bluebear’s mission is to equip law enforcement and intelligence communities with effective and efficient tools when preparing for court presentation, and the inclusion of CameraForensics represents another milestone on the path to achieving this goal. Users can access the tools needed to extract metadata and gain valuable insights from specific imagery, without having to leave the LACE platform.

While Bluebear’s primary focus remains on supporting court presentation processes through efficiently processing large datasets, they also recognise that users should always be able to access the tools needed to progress their case.

We understand how important conducting in-depth examinations of individual images can be in investigations. The CameraForensics platform provides access to a comprehensive image examination tool. When working on a case, users can seamlessly select images in Bluebear and use CameraForensics to further investigate one image, or multiple images, within Bluebear’s LACE software.

For anyone aiming to dive deeper into specific imagery, the CameraForensics integration can reveal hidden insights by extracting image metadata, providing additional intelligence on image origins, and sourcing related imagery. These insights can help users uncover new routes of investigation, offering an invaluable resource for achieving successful case outcomes.

The result is more informed decision-making during investigations. The collaboration between Bluebear and CameraForensics provides law enforcement professionals with greater flexibility and functionality – supporting our mission of safeguarding victims and bringing perpetrators to justice through software development.

Whether it is preparing for court prosecution or handling child exploitation cases, together these tools provide a powerful arsenal of investigative and forensic tools for law enforcement.

CameraForensics integration within Bluebear’s LACE software is just one way in which we support the efforts of law enforcement and intelligence communities worldwide, and I hope that we can provide investigators with the intelligence needed to effectively progress victim identification and drive positive change.

To discover how this integration can help support Victim Identification efforts, try the CameraForensics integration in LACE today.