Month: July 2023

Integration of the Thorn CSAM Classifier with Bluebear LACE Solution

July 8, 2023

Bluebear LES and Thorn are excited to announce the integration of the Thorn CSAM Classifier with Bluebear LACE Solution. LACE interface will now empower investigators to elevate and review CSAM that is unknown to local LACE databases.

The Thorn CSAM Classifier has been trained on 100k+ privileged abuse images, in addition to negative examples from public image sets. Embedded in the classifier are methods for addressing duplicates and false positives. This holistic approach, combined with annual retraining, achieves an extremely high precision and recall.

The Thorn CSAM Classifier is available in Bluebear Lace. It’s free and ready to be activated for your use. Contact us for more information: