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BlueBear is a Canadian boutique software shop focused on forensic software solutions for Law Enforcement. Our objective is to design and develop software that gives law enforcement and intelligence communities the solutions they need to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and successfully.


BlueBear’s technology was created because of a demand by Law Enforcement agencies for an easy to use forensic tools that will automate and assist in the expedient processing of very large amounts of confiscated images and videos files. With this in mind, BlueBear provides a suite of tools for use by Law Enforcement mainly in online Child Exploitation cases and the identification of individuals associated with these and other cases. BlueBear’s flagship product is called LACE

LACE is a unique tool designed to assist investigators in the automated categorization of media-evidence files (images & videos) that have been seized or confiscated. This unique tool has been created to significantly reduce the amount of time required, by an investigator, to analyze and categorize seized images, videos, text and audio files found on computer hard drives. At times the number of case media-evidence files that require review and categorization can be in the millions which can take a investigator months to analyze. With the implementation of LACE this process is reduced to days. An integrated face extraction and face matching capability built into LACE further permits police investigators to instantly locate similar faces across different cases.



The Company’s focus is to design and implement automated software solutions for the categorization and analysis of images, text, and video information.  This includes integrating biometrics and image recognition with information analysis and sharing technology and results to fight cybercrime in an international environment.



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