The LACE difference

When looking for best-in-class software solution for carving, processing, and managing visual media, you look for performance and results, this is where LACE delivers.

LACE is no frills, rock solid, it doesn’t crash. It requires no dongles and will process a million images in less than 2 hours on common Windows i7 hardware.

LACE enables investigators to efficiently categorize vast amounts of image and video data from confiscated computers, dramatically reducing (typical ~90% case reduction) the time and resources required to bring a case to court. Using advanced biometric analysis, faces found in images are automatically extracted and compiled to create lists of victims and suspects or matched against existing facial databases.

LACE comes in a client-server configuration that allows multiple investigators and analysts to work simultaneously from their own desk on their own cases. A unique Case Allocation capability allows multiple investigators to all work on the same case at the same time – especially useful for very large cases under time constraints.

Dramatic reduction in

  • the number of media-evidence files (images and videos) that require manual review;
  • investigator stress levels;
  • case analysis time, by up to a factor of ten or more;
  • case trial preparation and summary time.

Integration with forensic softwares like Belkasoft EC, Xways, Encase and FTK.

  • Identify abused children and suspects using advanced facial identification;
  • Collaborate and share information with other linked ICE units worldwide;
  • Decompose videos in storyboards and match any type of videos with any other format
  • Export and import standard hash and visual signatures for ProjectVic (JSON), UK-CAID, Interpol ICSE, PhotoDNA, C4All, and several country specific national databases.
  • Belkasoft Evidence Center can export pictures and video files into the LACE native format
  • Close integration withX-Ways Forensics Extension allows pre-categorisation and ImageMark calculation.

A better and more efficient solution is only a few clicks away. Make sure to include LACE in your toolbox. Still looking for more information before requesting a trial? Drop us a line at


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