With the LACE Carver plug-in for the Griffeye Analyze platform, Griffeye users will be able to handle the whole investigation chain – from tracing all the data on the device as thoroughly and deeply as possible to processing and analyzing the data to find all the clues, identify relationships, and eventually crack the case. The data is automatically extracted from the device or from a forensic container (E01) and imported directly into the Griffeye Analyze platform as part of the same process.

The LACE Carver plug-in scans for both file extensions and file types to locate images and videos as effectively as possible, and it handle numerous digital media devices, forensic image formats, and ever-changing file types. It has the capacity to scan through formatted drives and locate data from both allocated and unallocated space where the data has been partially overwritten. The carver can also find images and videos embedded in other file types, such as documents or emails, as well as find data that has been password-protected or marked for deletion but is still intact.

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