January 1, 2015

Bluebear announce the availability of LACE standalone license

At the request of many smaller investigative units, Bluebear is proud to announce that its LACE solution is now available in a ‘Single User licence’ model in addition to it’s ‘Server + unlimited clients’ traditional licensing model. The new Standalone licence is offered to the LE community at a very affordable yearly pricing. ‘We have had a lot of requests from smaller agencies that only have one or two investigators working the forensics and the images/videos analysis of huge online child exploitation cases. Because of their limited budgets, they had to resort to use free tools that lack the effectiveness of LACE. We are pleased to now provide those agencies with access to our ImageMark zero false positive technology that brings up to a 90% case reduction and ongoing exposure to our world class customer support.’ said Antoine Normand, CEO of Bluebear LES. LACE Standalone license: – Same software as regular LACE, same functionalities – The Client and the Server have to run on the same hardware.- Upgrade to regular LACE server anytime. – Installation, maintenance, updates, support and training always included.