• There’s fast, and then there’s LACE.

    Quite simply the fastest and most efficient tool on the market

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  • Built for the frontline professionals

    Use of LACE makes for a better quality of life for forensic investigators.

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  • The best carving, the numbers to prove it.

    The best carving software out there. Period.

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UNbreakable, RELIABLE AND FAST FORENSIC SOLUTIONS for carving, processing, analysing and managing visual big data

Our objective is to design and implement software that gives law enforcement and intelligence communities the solutions they need to simplify investigations and process more cases more efficiently.

BlueBear’s technology was created to satisfy a demand by Law Enforcement agencies for forensic tools that will automate and assist in the expedient processing of very large amounts of confiscated image and video files. BlueBear’s flagship product is called LACE.

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